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Playing With The Grain or "May The Fourth Be With You"

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Blog Friday, 04 May 2012 11:49

Making treen or treenware (wooden implements traditionally associated with the kitchen, eating, food preparation and cooking) whilst out in the woods is always a pleasure and an exceptionally cathartic and relaxing process. Recently I have been playing with the grain of various woods and even breaking a few golden rules in my experiments.


Interesting Use Of Technology "Leafsnap - An Electonic Field Guide"

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Blog Tuesday, 10 April 2012 10:31

We were interested to read recently about a new mobile phone app that uses visual recognition software to help identify some of the North American tree species from photographs taken of the leaves, what an exciting use of modern technology and it is apparently free!


How To Draw A Sound Map And What Are The Benefits To Children?

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Blog Thursday, 09 June 2011 00:00

It never fails to amaze me that when we stand and stare we see so much more of The Nature. This too can be applied if we sit and listen and the use of “sound mapping” can help us reconnect with our natural soundscape.


A Missed Photographic Opportunity At Samphire Hoe Provides A Shift In Focus

Written by Phil Brown, BAdger Bushcraft blog Saturday, 04 June 2011 10:22

A recent field trip to Samphire Hoe, a spit of new land between Folkestone and Dover, provided a most frustrating photographic opportunity that I sadly managed to get all wrong. However I learnt more about life from the experince than photography.


Hope L. Bourne “The Lady of Exmoor”

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Blog Sunday, 24 April 2011 12:45

Phil was delighted to find a short clip on YouTube about Hope L. Bourne, an amazing and inspirational lady who lived and equally amazing and inspirational life on Exmoor.


Video footage of Sylvan "Buckskin Bill" Hart

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Blog Monday, 28 March 2011 03:43

I have recently discovered a short piece of video footage of one of my all time heroes Sylvan "Buckskin Bill" Hart on youtube. It is 5 minutes of sheer magic!


Badger Bushcraft - The Shamanic Journey of Discovery

Written by Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Wednesday, 05 January 2011 11:34

Badger Bushcraft

Phil Brown founder and head instructor of Kent based Outdoor Education Centre Badger Bushcraft explains how the name for the school came from a Shamanic Journey with Sarah Howcroft.


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