Atlatl Competition 2011

altatl competition 2011

Atlatl or Ancient Spear Thrower Primitive Technology Event and International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC) 

We are pleased to announce that Badger Bushcraft will be hosting a Primitive Technology Day focussing on the ancient spear thrower or Atlatl concluding with an International Standard Accuracy Contest (ISAC) event in Kent during September 2011.

atlatl being demonstratedPhil says: -

“Having always had a passion for primitive technology and creating craft items I was intrigued when I was introduced to the atlatl. I have experimented quite extensively with atlatls and darts using various materials and designs often carving both the thrower and darts out of hazel. Whilst I’m not very precise with this ancient hunting device, my best ISAC score is 56, I find it strangely alluring and compulsive; in the right hands the atlatl is a deadly accurate.


The atlatl is also accessible to a wide range of age groups and skill levels. In a matter of minutes a novice can be throwing spears considerable distances and with practice it is possible to develop considerable accuracy.”

atlatl targetWith this in mind Badger Bushcraft is teaming up with Neal Matheson a passionate and proficient atlatlist and we will be running an “Atlatl Primitive Technology Day” where you can bring your atlatl spear throwers and darts, practice your accuracy during the morning, compete in an ISAC in the afternoon followed by a BBQ and a sit round the campfire in the evening with the option to camp overnight on our farm site in Kent.

Please Note: - Will not have time to teach you how to make the throwers as this particular event as it is aimed at those who have already made their throwers and darts and would like to hone their accuracy! There is, however, a very simple and easy tutorial of how to make the spearthower on the Badger Bushcraft Blog here

Neal and Phil of Badger Bushcraft are also discussing the possibility of establishing a United Kingdom Atlatl Team to compete in regular events both here in the UK and also into Europe! Both Neal and Phil are working on the existing draft of rules to simplify and clarify some points before the event; we will host the rules on the Badger Bushcraft Blog once we completed them and also update this page as things progress.

an atlatl

On the day Badger Bushcraft will provide a parachute shelter, central fire and brew box. We suggest that you bring a mug for brews and packed lunch for the afternoon break and any other food, snacks and drinks you require. The event will go ahead regardless of the weather and you will need to pack and dress accordingly.

kids learning the atlatlIf you would like to camp overnight you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping kit, spare clothes, etc. It is essential that you bring your own water as the location doesn’t have fresh water on site!

We are also planning to get some coverage of the event into “The Bushcraft Magazine” and hope that our good friend and magazine editor Steve Kirk will be taking part.

Neal’s blog can be found here

If you have yet to try out the atlatl why not get a heads-up click here

For more information about the World Atlatl Association, Inc. where you can also marvel at some of the scores of regular competitors click here

We will need to gauge initial response before we can confirm the total costs as if there is a lot of interest we will have to factor in a “portaloo” or two for the weekend. Please use the Contact page to register your interest or leave comments in the box provided below.


Many thanks,

Phil Brown and Neal Matheson.


#1 Andrew Bryan 20-03-2011 11:59
Hi Phil

It's great to see your championing the Atlatl. Since you introduced it to me it's become a firm favourite pursuit to practice in the woods. Please let me know the competition progress as I am very interested.

Great website v2.0 is brilliant, well done.

Best regards,
Andrew Bryan
#2 Stephen O Neill 02-04-2011 09:22
Thats a great idea Phil, I will be working on the Irish branch and maybe we can have a a Celtic Saxon competition. Hopefully Ill make it over to you guys to partake in September.

Stephen O Neill.
#3 Phil Brown 02-04-2011 09:57
@ Andrew - thank you. I will keep you posted as things progress. We are also very pleased with the 2.0 Website, another great effort from Adam Sumner!

@ Stephen - a Celtic Saxon competition would be great fun and something we should look towards planning for early next year.

Thanks for the comments guys :)
#4 Duncan Baines 31-05-2011 17:47
Hi Phil, we have met a few times before at the Woodcraft school, I am very interested in the Atlatl comp in September, do you have any more info on it. I am also thinking that this would be a great theme to introduce to the four staffordshire centres in 2012 where we all meet for service wide training and development, any contacts or info relating to memberships, rules for uk groups would be very helpful. Do you have to use special projectiles for the comp i.e so they are the same as everyone elses? Hope to hear from you soon, keep well, regards, Duncan Baines
#5 David Willis 05-07-2011 19:54
What an excellent idea, yes please count me in for the atlatl competition - what a great excuse to put in a little practice over the summer!

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