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"Poisonous Plants in Great Britain"

Poisonous Plants in Great Britain by Frederick Gillam is a lovely little paperback book with stunning illustrations detailing some of the toxic plants we may encounter in the landscape of the United Kingdom.


The author clearly states that the book is not a field guide and whilst not an exhaustive account of all toxic plants and fungi, the book covers over thirty species, it is still an interesting read and a joy to own.

The book contains the most beautiful illustrations that ‘are reworked from antiquarian woodcuts, copperplate engravings and lithographs by famous artists’. To be totally frank the book is worth buying for the artwork alone.

Health and Safety - If in any doubt treat all plants, trees and fungi as though deadly poisonous.

A high quality paperback with 58 pages featuring stunning antiquarian artwork.

Sections include:-

  • Introduction
  • A Few Wise Words
  • Details of over thirty species of plants, trees and fungi
  • Appendix I: Types of Poison
  • Appendix II: Animals and Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants in Great Britain by Frederick Gillam ISBN 9781904263876

More information on the Wooden Books website

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