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Adventures With An Infrared Wildlife Camera

We have recently been playing around with infrared wildlife and trail cameras in the Kent countryside and some privately owned land that we have access to and thought it would be nice to share the results on the Badger Bushcraft Blog.

Back in January 2011 we reported about our “KeepGuard KG550 Infrared Trail and Wildlife Camera” in the “Kit – Tried and Tested” section of our blog. During a mass sort out of kit, cameras, power adapters, chargers and the like I managed to put the trail cam somewhere incredibly safe. So safe in fact that it took several months to find it! With a lesson well learnt and a filing cabinet cleared and dedicated to these items finding cameras, walkie talkies, etc. is now much easier!

During several weeks and over many nights during this January I set the KG550’s up at a badger sett that we have not attempted to film before. The sett is well established with many different entrances and clear evidence of fresh and continued excavations, footprints and both fresh bedding going in and old bedding coming out.

KeepGuard KG550 Infrared Trail and Wildlife Camera

At mid afternoon we positioned the cameras in several locations that looked most likely, had the freshest spoil from excavations and heaviest foot traffic left by our friends the badgers, turned on the cameras and quietly retreated for the night.

In the morning I returned at first light to collect the cameras, view the footage on the office pc at Badger HQ and then reposition them later again that afternoon in an attempt to either get a better angle or to ensure that we got some footage at all. It seems that despite choosing what looked like the most likely spot to site the camera the badgers had different ideas about being filmed!

Anyhow, with several successful evenings filming we managed to collect enough footage to produce three brief montages of video featuring badgers, badger and foxes and finally The Worlds Bravest Mouse which we have included from our Badger Bushcraft YouTube channel into the Badger Bushcraft Videos section of our website and into this particular blog.

{qtube vid:=F6EGaF-Ghbw}

 {qtube vid:=z5SQ1_kjzt0}

 {qtube vid:=XgBmaV9Bd_k}

I hope you enjoy these brief videos.

Thanks for looking,


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