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A Surprise Guest Comes To Call


I was sitting at my desk reading my email and enjoying the first coffee of the day when I noticed a visitor on the patio outside the French windows that flank the Badger Bushcraft office here in Kent.


A Canada goose had come to visit!

We live directly under the flight path some Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and have a skein fly over the house a first light and dusk and their in-flight calls herald in the start and end of our working day when outside. I had uploaded a series of pictures earlier from our Canon EOS 40D and fortunately had it to my side and was therefore able to capture some pictures before our guest departed.

Inca, our black Labrador, finally awoke and decided to attempt to "retrieve" our large avian guest – fortunately the French windows were firmly locked and prevented an embarrassing encounter as I think she might have been “punching above her weight” on this occasion. After spying each other through the windows for a moment or two our guest departed and Inca returned to her basket.

It was a lovely start to the day to see this beautiful creature at such close quarters.

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