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Adam Sumner - the Badger Bushcraft Website Designer

It is somewhat remiss of me to not have included Adam Sumner in the first blog to be published in our Friends section, for without his help and expertise our web presence would not exist.



I was fortunate to have met Adam whilst working as an Instructor at Woodcraft School on the 2009-2010 Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership NCFE Level 3 - 1 year instructor course. During the year I had discussed with Adam various aspects of website design, search engine optimisation, hosting packages, etc. and it was very apparent the he had exceptional levels of expertise in these and many other relevant areas.

Badger Bushcraft needed a web presence constructed that would be fresh and organic in appearance, dynamic and updateable, include embedded photographic and video galleries and of paramount importance our website was going to be an ongoing project.

To be quite frank I am not the most technologically minded of souls and have relied heavily on Adams natural ability to put the most technical of jargon into the simplest of terms that I was able to understand and work with. This has made the entire process of designing, writing and maintaining the website as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

To say I am thrilled with the front end of the site would be an understatement and the design we have today has had the minimum of alterations from the initial drafts after the consultation process at the beginning of the project. Adam seems to have a natural ability to understand and visualise what I want and how I want it to look and feel.

There has also been a lot of very solid and concise work put into the backend of the site that makes a host of data very easy to manage on a daily basis. This has also been combined with some exceptionally powerful diagnostic tools that are very easy to use and understand.

Adam was also able to work to the very difficult deadlines I presented to him at many stages during the site construction. With my work taking me away from the office and placing me in the woods for prolonged periods of time Adam always responded to my questions and design ideas in the most rapid of timeframes. This enabled me to efficiently get on with the day to day management of the business and not be burdened and weighed down with the finer details of the website development.

As the Badger Bushcraft website develops and expands I only gain more respect for Adam and his arsenal of skills. He has made an exceptionally technical and potentially stressful project a complete pleasure and I would have no reservation in recommending Adam Sumner Website Design to anyone.

Thanks Adam for all your expertise, help and support and I look forward to our continued partnership in moving the Badger Bushcraft website forward for many years to come.


#2 Phil Brown 2011-04-02 11:03
@ Stephen - Another sterling effort from Adam Sumner I really like the new feel to the website and editing the Badger Bushcraft Blog is much easier now. Good work Adam! :)
#1 Stephen O Neill 2011-04-02 10:31
He's a good man alright, and a dab hand at weaving ;)
Steve O Neill

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