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An Inspirational And Passionate Plea To Kill The Cull Of Badgers

The randomness of the Internet and social networking can be as frustrating as it can be inspiring. We have been recently inspired and by a website we found via Twitter titled “Kill the Cull©”, written and administered by 15 year old Olivia from the Dorset and Somerset borders, explaining and highlighting what many of us country folk perceive to be the cruel and inane cull of one of our most beautiful native mammals - the badger.

Regular readers of our Badger Bushcraft Blog and News section will be aware that we have followed with great interest and concern the proposed cull of one of our most treasured, protected and best loved wild animals. In fact back in July 2011 we reported, via our friends at 38 Degrees that “87% of us think that we should work together to stop the government's plan to shoot thousands of badgers next spring”, this article can be read here.

It was with great delight that we recently discovered, via Naturalist and BBC broadcaster Chris Packham’s Tweet, Olivia’s website, blog and forum “Kill the Cull©”

kill the cull 1

We contacted Olivia to find out more about why she set up this exceptional online resource and we were thrilled to receive her reply:- 

“I have been passionate about badgers for years, all wildlife really, and I was disgusted when I heard of the proposed cull and pilot cull. I decided I was going to do something. At first I thought about collecting money in town for the badger trust, but I wasn't old enough as I was only 15, so I thought why not set up a website? I spend hours and more hours searching for local MPs and their contact details, and also typing them up. I wrote to a few people including Chris Packham and Bill Oddie, who both responded positively via email and Twitter, and then the site just took off. I had nearly 3000 views in one day! I hope this will continue and that I can help stop this barbaric, not to mention cruel badger cull.”

Do take the time to check out and read through the Kill the Cull© 

You can also follow Kill the Cull© on Twitter

For those wish to add their name to the 38 Degrees online petition it can be found here

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Olivia the best of luck with her website and hope that people will be better aware of the plight of the UK’s badger population.



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