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ToughCord – Ultra Tough Laces and Cords Part One

We have recently discovered a very interesting chap called Tim Daw who produces some products with some bold claims that includes "Unbreakable Boot & Shoe Laces" and “Unbreakable Starter Cords”. Badger Bushcraft will be putting these products to the test and featuring the results on the Kit – Tried and Test section of our blog.

Laces have always been a bit of an issue for Badger Bushcraft's Phil Brown. In Phil's younger day he was a passionate long distance walker and "Munro bagger" venturing to Scotland up to a half dozen times a year to walk and climb in a variety of conditions. A broken lace, whilst not the end of the world, can be frustrating and cause some discomfort.

Looking after one's boots is second nature to an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, we have several articles about maintaining Danner Boots and Lowa Boots boots already on the Badger Bushcraft Blog.

It was with interest we stumbled upon Tim Daw's website for ToughCord and read with much curiosity about his products and watched Tim putting the material through several punishing and extreme tests on videos such as:-

  • ToughCord Burning Bootlaces
  • ToughCord Boot Laces v. An Angle Grinder
  • Unbreakable Bootlace on a BBQ

ToughCord Laces

They certainly appear to be exceptionally robust and well made, one look at them upon opening the packet tells you they certainly look the part! All we know about the manufacture is that they are handmade and that there is something to do with "space age fibres".

ToughCord Laces

Compared to other laces they certainly inspire confidence that they won't suddenly abrade and break, Tim also backs this up with a pretty amazing statement - "If they don't outlast your boots I will replace them free of charge."

ToughCord Laces

We have an interesting test for these laces planned and will update the results to the blog when complete, there might even be a short video in the making for our  Badger Bushcraft YouTube Channel..................

We'll keep you posted in ToughCord – Ultra Tough Laces and Cords Part Two

Tim Daw's website for ToughCord


#3 Phil Brown 2012-03-02 07:49
Hi David,

Would the name that is escaping you be "Aglet"?

Best regards,

#2 Dave Nott 2012-03-02 01:02
Definately curious about this one. Must say they look the part, in particular the lace ends (real name escapes me).
Anyway looking forward to the test results.
#1 Adam Sumner 2012-02-23 10:31
These do look very interesting. I'm looking forward to the results of your tests!

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