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Nite GlowRings - A Handy Piece Of Bushcraft and Survival Kit

We have been using Nite GlowRings since 2007 and they are a tremendously useful source of light and last longer, are smaller and in the long-term more cost effective and environmentally friendly the chemical glow sticks.

We first discovered these GlowRings whilst researching outdoor watches some five years ago. We were looking for exceptionally robust and accurate time pieces that could withstand the harshest elements, activities and had some form of light source that made them very easy to read at night. With a bit of looking around and some personal recommendations from some friends and purchased a Nite MX30 that certainly fitted the bill.

Nite GlowRing

Whilst finalising the purchase we also bought half a dozen or so GlowRings that were a key fob light source “powered” buy the same material that was in the Nite range of watches called GTLS which stands for Gaseous Tritium Light Source. Nite have this to say about GTLS:-

             “Electrons emitted from the tritium gas excite the phosphorous coated lining of the GTLS to produce a continuous cold light source that will typically last between 10 and 20 years”

Nite GlowRing

Available in three colours – pink, blue and green – and pre-fitted with a robust keying they come ready for easy attachment virtually anything we could think of and they not only look great but have a myriad of uses. We have used the GlowRings to keep track of the Land Rover keys, mark guy and ridgelines, kit, rucksack and Lavvu zippers, first aid kits, etc. and we have even used it to keep an eye on our black Labrador Retriever Inca! At under £10 we also think they represent exceptional value for money and with an expected lifetime of 10 years and if treated with care possibly 20 years they are also, in our opinion, are more environmentally friendly purchase than chemical equivalents.

Nite GlowRing

As for the Nite watches we are also still fans. Sadly early 2011 Phil lost his MX30, which was probably trodden into the forest floor whilst washing, and has subsequently replaced it with a Nite CHRONO CR7 GT which he just loves. No doubt the lost MX30 will show up and somebody will be lucky enough to find it and knowing and trusting the quality of Nite products it will probably still be in working order!

Nite Chrono CR7 GT

We’d be interested to hear what you would use a Nite GlowRing for so why not leave us you comments below?

We have one to give away to the person that provides the most interesting or fun use so leave your comments at the end of this blog article and we will pick a winner on 30th April 2012! Good luck.


#9 Phil Brown 2012-05-01 11:53
There were some great answers to the competition and we would like to thank all of you that took part.

As we like all the entries we placed the names into a hat and pulled Richard Harris as the winner. Well done Richard a Nite GlowRing will be on its way to you soon and do keep us posted with how you use it!

Thanks once again to everyone who took part.

Best regards,

Phil and the Badger Bushcraft Team
#8 Richard Harris 2012-04-29 08:44
All the uses listed above are great - locating bags, hammocks & people! But in all seriousness can there be anything more important than attaching it to your bottle opener, so it can be found after a few in the dark? Shurley not? :)
#7 Jim Mclaughlan 2012-03-15 23:00
You could use one as a lure whilst fishing at Dusk or Night 80)
#6 Duane 2012-03-14 23:07
Looks like a great piece of kit! I think if i had one, on my camera bag would be favourite, that way i could find it again the next time I inadvertantly blind myself with my own flash gun LOL
#5 Phil Brown 2012-02-28 18:00
Some interesting uses here folks.

The GlowRings are certainly handy for locating bags, hammocks and dogs as we use them for those purposes also.

Think we will leave the "call of nature" use for Pinoy though.

Keep the ideas coming guys!
#4 Allan Dillon 2012-02-27 10:44
I use one to keep track of the dog whilst walking in complete darkness through the trees on his evening walk. Saves losing the night vision with the torch and makes spotting the badgers and deer much easier as they don't see us until we're right on top of them.
#3 Mark Gater 2012-02-26 20:47
I wear an MX10 Nite watch and can vouch for the quality of their products.
I'm thinking of hanging a Glow ring from a low twig in the woods during Cadet night games. One team must grab the light ring by stealth before the defending team spot them and send them back to base to start again. In its 'down time' the Glow ring could mark safe passage from my hammock to the pathway at night without upsetting my fellow campers by using a head torch.
#2 david longley 2012-02-25 15:37
Wow! Definitely gonna check these out. Always tricky to find my hammock after hanging my bear bag. This might just be the solution. Thanks!

#1 PinoyApache 2012-02-25 09:18
Interesting survival item. Fun way to locate a bag in the dark. Fun way also to locate someone taking time answering the call of nature at midnight. That would relieve anxiety of looking for missing persons.

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