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Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 Rucksack Review

altIn this Badger Bushcraft Kit – Tried And Tested article we will be reviewing the Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 rucksack purchased from the excellent Blackleaf website.

 It was with some regret that we had to replace a rucksack that I used on a daily basis for the last seven years for our first aid kit, my personal articles, admin and paperwork. We needed to find a rucksack with around 30 liter capacity that was light weight, could hold a Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe inside, was comfortable and had really good ventilation around the spine area.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 11

This led us to browse the extensive range of rucksacks stocked by our friends at Blackleaf.

From their large selection we chose the Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 due to the size and specification. Most attractive, especially with summer months rapidly approaching, we the ACS ventilation, to quote Jack Wolfskin directly:-

“ACS stands for “Air Control System”. The key feature of this hiking rucksack carry system is the constant air flow through the system. A frame made from fibreglass and flexible plastic components creates a permanent gap between the pack and the back, through which air can circulate freely and constantly, while warm, damp air can escape to the sides. This gap construction also reduces the contact surface. All contact surfaces are covered in airy mesh fabric and the padding is perforated; this also contributes to the superior climate comfort.”

Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 Rucksack

Having tried this pack out for the last week or so I have to say that it is exceptionally comfortable and the Air Control System certainly keeps the wearer well ventilated.

Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 Rucksack ACS ventilation

The pack is also nice and lightweight going only 1070g which is far lighter than the rucksack it replaces. 

Other design features we like include the high visibility rain cover, a fantastic feature for not just making oneself easily visible in the wilds but for also use when trekking at nighttime especially on the road.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 4

jack wolfskin rambler 32 5

This is also complimented by reflective zip pulls.

Another great safety device is the whistle that is built into the chest straps of the rucksack. It’s worth remembering that 6 whistle blasts in quick succession with a 1 minute interval is a recognized call for help, I was also taught as a child that the SOS signal on a whistle is 3 short blasts, 3 long blasts, 3 short blasts.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 10

A great deal of thought has gone into the product design with fixtures for trekking poles – something I use more often these days especially in the hills.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 9

There is a generous front pouch that we shall use for pens, notebook, risk assessments and client details.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 6

On the hip belt there is also a very handy pocket ideally suited to a mobile phone or perhaps a small digital camera.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 3

The top pouch sports a very useful clip for attaching ones keys for safe storage.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 13

The main compartment is generous and has the facility to include a hydration system.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 8

One part of the design that seems to get little mention elsewhere is that the elastic chest strap is adjustable not just in length, as you would expect, but also in height as it slips both up and down on a rigid tube on the main straps.

jack wolfskin rambler 32 14

There are also two elasticated side pouches suitable for snacks and a small water bottle, etc.

We’re really pleased with the new Jack Wolfskin Rambler 32 and selected it in black, olive green option is also available.

I would also like to highly recommend Blackleaf the company we bought the Rambler 32 from, who have always provided us with an exceptional service from order through to delivery. Do have a look at their website and all the Jack Wolfskin products they stock.


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