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Bushcraft Boot Maintenance - Wilmas Kängskosmorning on Lowa Mountain Boots GTX

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With the recent success of using Wilmas Kängskosmorning leather dressing on a pair of Danner Grouse boots I thought I would try this amazing mixture of natural oils with birch and pine tar on a pair of my favourite and most trusted of footwear the Lowa Mountain Boots GTX.

As featured in a previous blog article, available here, I have been disappointed with a host of waxes, oils and creams for treating my hardworking footwear. It is not uncommon for me to be in my boots for sixteen hours a day in all weathers and I believe that all outdoor equipment should be well cared for and discovering Wilmas Kängskosmorning leather dressing is a true revelation. I am really impressed with the penetration of the tarry smelling ointment and the waterproofing properties that appear to be long lasting.

I had recently used a pair of Lowa Mountain Boots GTX on a six day stint and the wet ground conditions had really taken its toll on the leather.

As with all boot treatment I start by carefully cleaning the boots with cold water and a scrubbing brush to remove all mud, etc.

With the boots washed and clean I dry them slowly over a period of two days in the cool corner of our office far away from any heat source.

With the boots dry I work the leather dressing into the grain of the leather with my hands, I use latex gloves to prevent getting the balm on my hands and under my finger nails.

We always find that it is important to invest the time to maintain all of our kit in tip-top condition as equipment lasts longer and appearances are so very important when dealing with clients and I must say that I am very impressed with how these Lowa Mountain Boots GTX look, I had expected the leather to take up some of the brown colour from the wax, but they look perfectly black and very smart.

I will certainly be using Wilmas Kängskosmorning leather dressing again on all of our leather bushcraft boots from now on.

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