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Video footage of Sylvan "Buckskin Bill" Hart

I have recently discovered a short piece of video footage of one of my all time heroes Sylvan "Buckskin Bill" Hart on youtube. It is 5 minutes of sheer magic!

 One of the very first articles I wrote for the Badger Bushcraft Blog was:-

"The Last of the Mountain Men" - ‘The true story of a living American legend – Sylvan Hart – who has lived alone for 35 years on Five Mile Bar, beside the River of No Return in the Idaho Rockies’ Click here to read

I was delighted to have found a short clip of Sylvan Hart on youtube and thought I would share it here on our blog.

{qtube vid:=bZ3JF66OjBE}

The book "Last of the Mountain Men" has remained a firm favourite of mine since the chance discovery in a "job lot" of second hand books.

Back in November 2010 I wrote of Sylvan Hart:-

"I devoured the book over the course of several evenings often flicking back and forth to the fourteen or so black and white pictures contained in the books centre. Hart, otherwise known as Buckskin or Buckskin Bill, was obviously a very capable and talented man in so many different ways - able to produce his own firearms, knives, tools, clothing and food he was exceptionally self sufficient."

I really hope you enjoy this short piece of video and perhaps, like me, you will find the lives of these amazing mountain men and woman truely inspiring!



#5 Evan Fridge 2015-09-29 20:03
I have read with relish The last of the Mountain Men too many times to remember. I lived for a summer up on the Little North Fork River at Gimlet Creek with "the old witch up the river'' as some people called her. It was primitive, an outhouse and spring water, chickens, goats and all the things you could carry a quarter mile from the road and then raft over the river. It was an experience. My health has not allowed me to return to the wilderness type experience. I was definitely born in the wrong century. I just wish the book had been more thorough; for someone who spent so much time with Bill you think he would have had at least 500 or more pages. I have spent many weeks outdoors alone and was never happier. My heart lives in Idaho, but my rear lives in Tennessee.
Thanks for the video. I just wish it had volume
#4 Mike 2014-12-05 18:03
Thank you for this piece of history. I have read this book a few times and have been Elk hunting in this region 3 seasons. Many years ago,I believe the late 70's I saw a video of Buckskin on TV. I think it was Outdoor Life mag that did an hour special on Sylvan. Do you know of its existence? I am wanting to see this in its entirety. Thank you in advance. Mike
#3 Bob Lewis 2014-01-13 02:24
found you by accident when looking up my own video at
about my used bookstore. I live in a tiny hamlet named Sylvan in southern Ontario in Canada.
I had also read his book many years ago. Those who enjoyed it might also like to read about called Crusoe of Lonesome Lake. He came up from Oregon or Washington I think, and cleared a farm in the mountains of British Columbia - dammed the lake to generate electricity - got his pilot's license when he was 70. Not quite as extreme as Sylvan Hart, but a pretty impressive guy, none the less.
Even less impressive - back about 1970 I bought some bushland near Kirkland Lake in Northern Ontario, built a log cabin and lived there with my girlfriend (from Florida!) for two years. No hydro, water, phone,
I don't think I can add photos here, but if you're interested and give me an email address to write to, I'll send you photos of the cabin.
Enjoying your site. Thanks,
#2 Phil Brown 2011-05-03 21:31
Thanks for taking the time to comment PhilB. I am so glad you enjoyed this book! As you stated "enthralling to say the least" pretty much sums the book up and also, like you I read and re-read pages many times over just to capture the full context and drink in the atmosphere that Sylvan Hart was able to so eloquently capture. For those that have not yet seen the review of "The Last of The Mountain Men" that I wrote back in November 2010 it can be found here or in the Books section of the Badger Bushcraft Blog. The book is really is well worth finding and sharing with other - a real gem.
#1 Phil Brockes 2011-05-03 20:18
Hi Phil just finished "The Last of The Mountain Men" Absolutely superb book one of those you cant put down.. found myself reading each page several times just to take it all in ...The atmosphere that is created in the stories is enthralling to say the least... Sylvan's memory at the time as stated in the book is encyclopedic and his skill in fabricating everything that he needs to not only survive but live comfortably is astounding..An excellent book without doubt have now passed book on to my friends and they thinking the same..PhilB

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