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Can Trees Really Talk?

I do sometimes wonder if the trees are talking especially when I am sleeping in the woods. I find the groans and creaks very soothing and I always imagine what a tree would say if it could tell me of its life. Look at a fine old veteran tree near where you live and imagine the many changes of season and how the landscape might have looked when that ancient tree was a mere sapling!

I was most pleased to be sent a link by an old friend entitled “Talking Tree”. Have a look at the website and you will see what it is all about


#1 Bob Lewis 2014-01-13 02:34
Me again.
Speaking of talking trees - and Northern Ontario - in the dead silence of a winter night when it's 45 below zero, there will be an occasional noise like a rifle shot. It's something to do with the tree contracting and part of the trunk pulling away from the bark (or something). Apparently does no harm, but it sure makes you sit up when it happens.
BTW - talking tree website seems to be gone.

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