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Fire, Shelter, Water & Backcountry Cooking

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Designed as a follow on from the "Family Learning Day" the "Fire, Shelter, Water & Backcountry Cooking" course will allow you to further develop your bushcraft and survival skills and learn some new ones on the way.

tinder bundlesHosted at either our stunning woodland or farm based site here in Kent and with an expedition parachute shelter campsite we will work with you so that you are confidently able to take your bushcraft and survival skills on to the next level with this one day course.


In this course we will show you that there is more to fire and give you more to think about and experiment with the six methods of making flame including fire by friction with premade sets. We will teach you how to select your tinder and firewood and build successful fires whatever the weather. We will also demonstrate and teach you minimal impact and leave no trace.

Backcountry Cooking

Combined with the Firecraft section you too can become a cordon bleu backwoods chef! Cook your lunch over your own fires! This is best achieved by working in small groups and we will provide you with frying pans and cooking utensils, sausages, bacon and rolls (vegetarian option available) so you become a backwoods bushcraft cook.


Building shelters, dens and camps holds some wonderful and happy memories for many people as they reflect on their childhood. This session will show you how to build natural and modern shelter systems that can provide protection from the elements or just give you ideas on how to make your own camp or "secret place" to share with your family.


We will discuss how water is used by the human body and why it is essential to maintain health. We will show you how to find water in the natural landscape, filter, purify and store for safe use.

feathersticksTo make the course as hands on and as practical as possible we recommend that each child is supported by one adult. We would also suggest that the age range is 7 upwards. This course will involve being in the outdoor classroom for the entire day and some walking on uneven ground will be required.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided throughout the day and we will supply ingredients that you may cook your lunch over your own fires. Please also feel free to bring your own food to compliment the ingredients that we provide.

The course will go ahead in all weather conditions so please come prepared and dressed accordingly.

Students will need to bring:-

  • Warm clothing.
  • Waterproofs.
  • Hat and Gloves.
  • Suitable Outdoor Footwear.
  • Warm Socks.
  • Cups or Large Mug.
  • Packed Lunch.
  • Spare Dry Clothes Are Highly Recommended.
  • Camera.
  • Note Books With Pen or Pencil

Everyone will be presented with a "Fire, Shelter, Water & Backcountry Cooking" certificate at the end of the day.

Contact us to make a booking.