Introduction to bushcraft tools

John Muir Award

Woodland Crafts & Advanced Tool Use


Course dates coming soon

Moving on with the sound introduction to bushcraft and woodcraft tools from the Introduction To Bushcraft Tools course we will be working closely with you and expanding your abilities and developing your expertise so you are able to create beautiful and functional craft items.


advanced bushcraft toolsWe will teach you how to find and sustainably harvest woodland materials with a positive approach to woodland management. All resources we take from the environment will help to enhance the ecosystems and increase biodiversity as part of a long term approach to enriching the natural world that we work in.

Carving Techniques

Learn the safe and proven ways to carve and whittle. We will demonstrate how to get the best results from the tools with very clear to follow demonstrations, we will help you to safely and confidently perfect your techniques.

Campcraft Items

carved cups and spoonsBecome skilled at making various campcraft items that will enhance your outdoor experiences. We will start with simple yet essential and functional items, show you how to make pot hangers, bullroarers and carve a spoon. All the items you make on the day are yours to take home. We would suggest that the age range is from 13 years upwards.

We will provide all tools required for the course.

The course will involve being in the outdoor classroom for the entire day and some walking on uneven ground will be required.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided throughout the day and you will need to bring your own packed lunch and drinking mug.

The course will go ahead in all weather conditions so please come prepared and dressed accordingly.

Students will need to bring:-

  • Warm clothing.
  • Waterproofs.
  • Hat and Gloves.
  • Suitable Outdoor Footwear.
  • Warm Socks.
  • Cups or Large Mug.
  • Packed Lunch.
  • Spare Dry Clothes Are Highly Recommended.
  • Camera.
  • Note Books With Pen or Pencil

Everyone will be presented with a "Woodland Crafts & Advanced Tool Use" certificate at the end of the day.

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