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Badger Bushcraft Policies and Procedures – A Spring clean!

Despite the glorious weather we are having in our little part of Kent Phil Brown, Badger Bushcraft Head Instructor and Blog writer, is resisting the urge to get out in the woods and fields to explore the emerging plants and the abundant signs of a fast approaching Spring, as it is the time of year we have set aside to review all of our internal and external paper work systems.

Phil says:-

“As much as I would like to be outside in the country rummaging through the hedgerows and undergrowth for emerging plants or examining the recent changes of bedding in the badger setts it is time to knuckle down to some of the more mundane but no less essential tasks involved with running Badger Bushcraft.

We review both our internal and external paperwork systems on a regular basis but in the first quarter of each year time is set aside for a major reassessment. This ensures we are up to date with changes in policy and recent thinking; it is also the time to have the various “Policy Registers” we keep signed as a record of having read and understood them.

This period is also a good time to examine how we deal with clients and the present agreements between Badger Bushcraft and the various schools, bodies and the establishments we work with.

It is easy to spend a long time tweaking and altering documents to make them look nicer on the page – or perhaps that’s just me! Either way I have altered lots of documents and ensured they are up to date and looking just a bit fresher including:-

  • Badger Bushcraft Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedure
  • Badger Bushcraft Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Badger Bushcraft Code of Practice and Conduct
  • Badger Bushcraft Service Level Agreement
  • Badger Bushcraft Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Badger Bushcraft Personal Harassment Policy and Procedure
  • Badger Bushcraft Complaints Handling Policy


Badger Bushcraft is working in partnership with Kent County Council

Despite being sat in front of the computer for long hours I have just managed to find time to write this short article for the Badger Bushcraft Blog – perhaps it was the last large mug of coffee that inspired me to do so!

With the nights drawing out and Inca always looking forward to a walk in the Kent countryside there is still time to explore and revel in the wonders of The Nature and dusk is one of my favourite times of the day regardless of the season. So it’s back to more work before finally getting into the outdoors with the dog and perhaps the camera.”


#2 Phil Brown 2011-04-02 10:58
@ Stephen - we can certainly have a chat about things Steve, perhaps at the Wilderness Gathering this year?
#1 Stephen O Neill 2011-04-02 10:17
Very proffessional Phil im greatly impressed and i may rob a few ideas from you, if thats ok ;)

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