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New Video "A Frosty Walk in Kent"

A Frosty Field This morning was so wonderfully frosty that it was impossible to resist the urge to wrap up warm and go for a long walk across the fields and into the woodlands taking with me the video and DSLR camera. It was also a good excuse to give Inca our two year old Labrador some well deserved exercise.

We encountered hawthorns laden with fruit and as the fruit ripens and becomes soft we shall look towards adding another recipes into the Wild Food section of the blog. Hopefully the mass of rose hips will also help facilitate yet another recipe.

{qtube vid:=lxNnsYrZ98c}

A view across the Kent Countryside

The view from the top of the hill looking over the valley was stunning, as it always is, and the pockets of mist clinging to valley floor like a veil enhanced this further.

Mist settling across the landscape

It looks like a favourite badger sett is seeing plenty of activity with fresh scat in the latrines clearly showing that the industrious badgers are still finding the odd ear of corn and digging up plenty of worms.

Both the Inca and I absentmindedly managed to step on a very active wasps nest in the local church yard and got away without being stung. The cold start to the day seemed to pacify any angry reaction from the black and yellow striped Vespula vulgaris colony and we were able to watch them about their business unmolested.

The veteran yew tree (Taxus baccata) in the grounds of St James of Egerton looked splendid with the amazing contrasting colours of the scarlet cones and the verdant leaves.

Yew Tree

Being able to appreciate the natural world around me is such a pleasure and a privilege – how could one ever get bored with the miracles of Mother Nature? 

The new video is avialable on the Video section of our website and our Youtube channel

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