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Working In Partnership At Mersham Primary School

We are very pleased to announce that we have been working in partnership with the Head Teacher and Teaching Team at Mersham Primary School to help improve and develop their already excellent outdoor learning provision.


We were delighted to attend an appointment some few weeks ago to meet with Mersham Primary School's Head Teacher Mr. Mark Brooks, Phil had met Mr. Brooks and members of his teaching team at a recent event Badger Bushcraft attended at the Bowles Outdoor Centre.

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Our initial meeting focused on utilising the schools newly built outdoor teaching area which is exceptionally well planned, designed, constructed and offers a host of opportunities for both pupils and teachers alike to enjoy learning and delivering lessons surrounded by the wonders of The Nature.

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We were delighted to design a four day programme of outdoor learning activities at the school based upon our School Based Projects curriculum that includes:-

  • History - A look at primitive technology including primitive flat bows and flint tipped arrows, flint tools including knives, scrapers, arrow heads and a hafted axe, bark containers, wooden spoons and cups, animal hides and buckskin, exploring the differences in animal skulls including some prey and predators.
  • Nature Walk - A guided walk around the school grounds to identify plants, trees and animal sign.
  • Art and Literacy Session -Sketching still life drawings of skulls, flint axe, primitive tools, etc. Allowing the learners to discuss still life drawings and write about each sample or drawing.
  • Survival and Survival Kit - A look at some of the survival kit we carry, why and how it is used. We can discuss the differences and various possibilities and hazards of different environments following the direction of active class discussion.

The four one day courses saw Phil working with Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 and their teachers and teaching assistants, all of whom were exceptionally helpful and supportive throughout.

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The pupils were so tremendously polite and courteous at all times and the quality of their work was absolutely stunning. They were also great fun to work with and asked a plethora of intelligent and astute questions and at the end of each day every pupil went home with a Badger Bushcraft Certificate.

All sessions were exceptionally successful and well received by both pupils and the teaching team and we now look forward to working in continued partnership to help Mersham Primary School build upon their already outstanding outdoor learning facilities and help design a series of developmental programmes to increase biodiversity and provided sustainable craft materials for ongoing project work.

We greatly look forward to revisiting Mersham Primary School and continuing to assist them in taking outdoor learning forward in their already exceptionally well provided for and well designed alfresco learning areas.

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