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John Muir Award

Centre for Outdoor Education in Kent

Badger Bushcraft has now been vetted by Kent County Council  Outdoor Education Unit. We have liaised and worked in partnership with a Kent County Council Outdoor Education Advisor who has informed us that we have met all of the strict criteria required.


Kent schools, education centres and youth organisations will be able to find us on the  e-Go system.

Some of the activities we have included on our vetting are: -

  • Bushcraft
  • Primitive Crafts and Technologies
  • Nature
  • Nature Conservation
  • Environmental Education Activities
  • Lowland Nature Walks
  • Green Wood Working


Badger Bushcraft is working in partnership with Kent County Council

Combined with our recent successful application to Kent Top Temps we are now more accessible than ever to schools and youth work projects here in Kent.

To discuss how Badger Bushcraft can help the young people you work with please contact us here

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Contact Badger Bushcraft

T:01233 756447

M:07768 201177



Bespoke Bushcraft Courses


Let us design a programme to your needs, including bushcraft, survival skills, primitive technology, nature education, backwoods cooking or any other related subject.

"Phil I attended your session on 18/10/10 with Matthew and Helen from Extended Schools Network and have been singing your praises since coming back to school!"

Juliette Boniface
Madginford Park Infant School December 2010

Bushcraft For Schools

Bushcraft for Schools

Bushcraft and Nature Based Learning events aimed at fulfilling key criteria of the National Curriculum.