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Saltwood Church of England Primary School Adventure Days With Badger Bushcraft

A very recent series of events saw Phil packing the Badger Bushcraft Land Rover Defender 110 with kit and travelling down to Saltwood near Hythe to Saltwood Church of England Primary School to deliver four half day sessions to some 222 pupils based on the topic of “Adventures and Adventurous Activities”.

Phil had liaised with Melanie Nash at the school to provide a series of workshops covering survival, survival kit and the natural world in the form of a series of nature walks around the school grounds to tie in with the schools adventures topic.

Working with young people and pitching sessions and activities at different age groups is something we really enjoy here at Badger Bushcraft and delivering our programme to children aged 4-11 years was just fantastic.

We established and built a basic freestanding shelter and setup another covered area in the shade of the trees on the school grounds as the weather, strangely this year, was set to be warm and sunny and on this occasion the forecast did not disappoint!

Badger Buschraft Shelter At Saltwood Primary School

The sessions were built around carefully considered and designed lesson plans commenced by discussing the bushcraft shelter and what the shelter can protect from regarding environmental conditions followed by a very hands on lecture on all sorts of survival skills and survival kit from maps, compasses, cooking equipment, first aid, first aid equipment, water filtration and purification, water needs of the human body, emergency signalling, preventing mosquito bites, clothing, food and food groups, sleeping kit and a whole lot more.

Badger Bushcraft Survival and Survival Kit Session

Each session concluded with a nature walk around the school grounds where we identified a variety of plants and trees, the children already had a deep-seated foundational knowledge of the natural world around them and were able to confidently identify many of the plant and trees we were able to find including three different types of maple. It was a great privilege to work with young people that already had an avid and passionate engagement with the outdoor environment.

Elements of the National Curriculum covered in the session included some of the following:-

Nature Walk

  • Science KS1 SC1. 2b,e,f,h. Sc2 1a,b,c. 2a,b,e,f,g. 3a,b,c. 4a,b. 5a,b,c. Sc3 1a,s,c,d. Sc4 2a. 3a,c,d. 1a. 2a,b. KS2 – Sc1 1a. Sc2 1a,b,c. 2a,b,c,e. 3a,b,c,d. 4b,c. 5a,b,c,d,e,f. Sc3 1b,d. 2e. 3a,b,c,d,e. Sc4 2c. 3c. 1a,b. 2a,b.
  • History KS1 – 1a. 2b,c. 4a,b. 6b. KS2 – 1a. 2a,b. 5a. 6. 7. 8a,b. 9. 13.
  • Geography KS1 – 1a,b,c,d. 2a,b. 3a,b,c,d,e. 4a,b. 5a,b. 6a. 7a,b. KS2 – 1a,b,c,d. 2a,b,g. 3a,b,c,d,e,f. 4a,b. 5a,b. 6a,c,e. 7a,c.


Survival and Survival Kit

  • ICT KS1 and 2 – 5b.
  • Geography KS1 and 2 – 2c.
  • English KS1 – 2d,e. 3a,b,c. 8d. 9a,b. KS2 – 2a,b,e. 3a. 9a,c.
  • Science KS1 – Sc2 1b. 2b,d,g. Sc4 3a. 1b,c. 2b. KS2 – Sc1 1a. Sc2 1a. 2b,c,e,g. 5f. Sc3 3a,b,c,d,e. Sc4 3a,c. 1b,c. 2a,b.  

Shade From A Freestanding Bushcraft Tarp Shelter

The days were, again, a roaring success and we received a lovely letter of thanks from the Executive Headteacher:-

“Dear Mr Brown,

What a great time the children had with you on Monday and Tuesday this week! They really enjoyed finding out about survival skills and were totally wrapped in every word that you said. Your talks and explanations provided them with so much to think about. They may not have too many opportunities to use the skills for real, but they will have greater confidence in life and have great fun playing out survival techniques.

Thank you so much for visiting us and sharing your expertise with the children.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs E J Pettersen MA Executive Head Teacher”

It was a great pleasure to work in such a professional and welcoming environment and we look forward to developing our links with Saltwood Church of England Primary School and supporting them with future outdoor events and our classroom based projects in the near future.

Further information about our works with educational establishments can be found on our Bushcraft For Schools page or please contact Phil directly via our Contact page to discuss how Badger Bushcraft can help support your schools needs and the National Curriculum with a bespoke outdoor or indoor learning experience.



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