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HM Government e-petition Stop The Badger Cull

There is an online e-petition created by Dr Brian May CBE available to sign now and it only takes two minutes!

The core of the message is of paramount importance and makes eminent sense:-

“We urge the government to stop the cull and implement the more sustainable and humane solution of both a vaccination programme for badgers and cattle, along with improved testing and biosecurity.”

{qtube vid:=F6EGaF-Ghbw}

Please take the time to sign this petition and help to save these wonderful and beautiful creatures, surely vaccination is the most humane and sensible option!

You can sign this e-petition here


#3 Phil Brown 2012-09-18 12:37
Hi Christine,

Thanks for your comments and at Badger Bushcraft we totally agree with you.

With a nation wide cull only reducing Bovine TB by a suspected 5% vaccination is the only logical and sensible option without even thinking about the justifiable and humane method of dealing with the situation.

Kindest regards,

Phil and The Badger Bushcraft Team
#2 Christine Markham 2012-09-18 10:27
I strongly believe that these beautiful creatures must not be culled.
Vaccination is the only humane way of dealing with TB in cattle
#1 Christine Markham 2012-09-18 10:24
These beautiful creatures must not be culled. I strongly believe that vaccination is the only justifiable and humane way of dealing with TB in cattle.

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