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Badger Bushcraft Goes Into Web Based Publishing With The “Badger Bushcraft Online Newspaper”

Early mornings and late evenings when in the office can provide some essential down time to catch up with all that is wonderful on this spec of a planet that drifts through space and time. For us here at Badger Bushcraft we enjoy reading and learning about the natural world, outdoor adventures and of course anything that involves bushcraft and survival skills.

There is so much wonderful information on the internet that is so amazingly interesting and valuable to bushcrafty folk or those with a love of nature and the outdoors, and so often the topics and content intermix creating a dynamic and nutritious intellectual soup. To try and help filter this “soup” we thought we’d endeavour to make things simple by creating our own special blend of interesting and nourishing links. We are therefore pleased to announce that we have started to publish a weekly web based publication entitled “Badger Bushcraft Online Newspaper”.

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Much of the information we end up reading comes from our friends and connections based all over the globe via a host of social network resources that we use including facebook, Twitter, Google+, et al not to mention the exceptional blogging forums we are members of.

Some of this information is obviously so interesting that it too good not to share and we have been looking at a vehicle to help spread quality content to like minded folks. To that end we are now publishing our weekly “Badger Bushcraft Online Newspaper” under the strap line “Bushcraft, outdoor and nature news from across the web.”

Our publication can be found here

If you'd like to join our connections and friends you can find us on the links below:-

We hope you enjoy our "newspaper" and would welcome any comments and thoughts.

Take care and enjoy the outdoors over this coming weekend.

Kindest regards,

Phil and The Badger Bushcraft Team

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