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Badger Bushcraft is proud to announce that Phil Brown has attended bespoke training courses covering Safeguarding and Child Protection and Basic Disability Awareness.

We have been working in partnership with Kent County Councils Extended Learning Team over the last few months and we were delighted to have been invited to attend the custom training event at the Ramada Hotel just off the M20 between Maidstone and Ashford.


Badger Bushcraft is working in partnership with Kent County Council

The sessions included:-

Safeguarding and Child Protection: With Mike O’Connell (KCC’s Safeguarding Team)

The Child Protection Session included: -

  • Basic Child protection ‐ what all your staff need to know
  • How to "recognise, respond, record, refer" categories of abuse, signs and symptoms of abuse, complexity of presentation of abuse
  • Reporting both within the organisation and to Children's Social Services
  • Safe practice ‐ Keeping ourselves safe ‐ including national and local guidance on areas such as physical contact, behaviour management etc
  • Management issues ‐ including safer recruitment, training and induction of staff, effective child protection policies, joint protocols for working with schools, including sharing information. Named Organisational and Operational leads for Child Protection


Basic Disability Awareness Training: With Moore Communication and Moonstone Communication

The Basic Disability Awarenss Training included: -

  • An introduction into the challenges of living with a disability
  • How that might impact on your work within schools
  • Personal accounts and ask questions in an open and frank forum
  • Discussion of the issues which need to be addressed in order to make our provision inclusive
  • Communication strategies, and other good practices
  • A variety of activities that gave us a taste of what it is like to have a disability



We would like to thanks Emma Jenkins of Extended Learning for arranging and inviting us to attend this excellent day of training, Mike O’Connell (KCC’s Safeguarding Team,Moore Communication and Moonstone Communication for the very high level of training provided.

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