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Badger Bushcraft are thrilled to announce that we are now able to deliver an Elementary Bushcraft Award NCFE Level 1 to schools and organisations in the whole of Kent.

As a vetted Centre For Outdoor Education we are delighted to be able to offer this NCFE Level 1 Elementary Bushcraft Award alongside the existing NCFE Level 2 Intermediate Bushcraft Award.

Badger Bushcraft is the only Licensed and Approved Provider in Kent able to offer these NCFE qualifications and we were one of the first successful applicants to deliver this award in the United Kingdom. Kent schools, education centres and youth organisations will be able to find us on the e-Go system.

The NCFE Level 1 Elementary Bushcraft Award is based on 60 Guided Leaning Hours and is suitable for learners both below and above 14 years of age. The Elementary Bushcraft Award is based on three units:-

  • Outdoor Living Skills
  • Natural History
  • Tool Use

These qualifications can be delivered outside of normal school hours and would greatly increase the aims and objectives of any Study Support offerings:-

"Study Support is learning activity outside normal lessons which young people take part in voluntarily.
Study Support is, accordingly, an inclusive term, embracing activities with many names and many guises. It's purpose is to improve young people's motivation, build their self-esteem and help them to become more effective learners.
Above all it aims to raise attainment."
(The Study Support Framework, DFES, 2006)

At Badger Bushcraft we have vast experience in working with young people of all abilities and know how far reaching the positive effects of these qualifications can be. Phil Brown founder and head instructor of Badger Bushcraft says:-

‘The ultimate aim of our learning activities outside normal lessons and school based projects is to increase the attainment of young people. By working in the outdoor classroom and providing various supported and safe challenges in the spheres of bushcraft and nature based education Badger Bushcraft engages young people with a tactile and non-academic approach. We passionately believe that engaged learning through the interest of the natural world and the challenges of bushcraft skills increases motivation, boosts self-esteem and greatly improves attainment which, therefore, develops an enjoyment of learning and enhances the life chances of the young people we work with.”

Further details on the NCFE Level 2 Intermediate Bushcraft Award are detailed in the “Bushcraft For Schools” section on our website here

An update to “Bushcraft For Schools” page of the website to incorporate the NCFE Level 1 Elementary Bushcraft Award is planned and will be included shortly.

For further information or to book an appointment with Phil to discuss these qualifications please Contact Us. 


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