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Save Our Forests!

I was sent a very disturbing email today from my good friend Steve Kirk, Editor of The Bushcraft Magazine stating that there is a plan to sell off woodlands! Please read this article and post to the petition! Many thanks, Phil.

"Dear Steven,

The "Save Our Forests" petition is growing fast - we have now got 85,000 signatures!

Please help get past 100,000 signatures by forwarding this e-mail and asking your friends to sign as well:

A lot of people still haven't heard about the government's plan to sell off our woodlands. We need to spread the word. We need to make sure people know about these plans while they are still just plans - not when it's too late and forests are already being fenced off, run down, logged or built over.

If enough people sign the petition, we can make the government rethink. This campaign is growing every day. Together, we have now raised nearly £20,000 and we have come up with great plans to sound the alarm up and down the country. If we keep working together, we can win!

Please help spread the word and get the petition past 100,000 signatures before Christmas. Forward this e-mail and ask your friends to sign by clicking here:

If you use Facebook, please also spread the word by sharing the petition on your profile:

If you use Twitter, please send a “tweet” about the petition by clicking here:

Forests like the Forest of Dean, the New Forest, Grizedale, Thetford, and Alice Holt are national treasures. Once they’re gone, they are lost forever. If we get enough signatures on the petition, we have a bigger chance of making sure they are protected for wildlife and future generations.

Thanks for being involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team"

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