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Bushcraft Parties

What better way to celebrate a birthday than being in the outdoors learning and practicing bushcraft and survival skills with friends and loved ones? Badger Bushcraft has extensive experience designing and organising bespoke bushcraft, survival, creative craft and nature awareness parties and events for both children and adults alike.

bushcraft kids party

Party locations are based at either our 3,000 acre site on the North Downs in Kent or alternatively we can pack one of the 4x4's and bring the party to you! We have so far taken our bushcraft party package to many areas of the south east including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Hampshire, the London area and central London.*

using the atlatlBadger Bushcraft will provide you with a truly memorable, fun and informative event where new skills can be learnt shared and enjoyed by the party goers.

Bushcraft Parties for kids, teenagers and adults can be either a half or a full day and be based around Bushcraft and Survival Skills or focus upon Creative Craft, Nature and Outdoor Learning. Whatever your interests or the interest of your child or loved ones let Badger Bushcraft design and deliver a truly unique and wonderful party for you.

learn about insect lifeWe will supply you with hot and cold drinks throughout the day but why not consider an exciting bushcraft party feast to round off your special day? We can supply food ordered to your liking and the dietary requirements of your group or to help you keep the costs down we are entirely happy for you to bring your own food, birthday cake and special tasty treats and provide you with the cooking equipment to prepare your own food.

Below are a series of themed events to be used as a guide to some of the exciting parties Badger Bushcraft can deliver, we can also mix these up or include other activities to your requirement for a unique and bespoke Badger Bushcraft party experience!

Bushcraft Skills Party

We will design and deliver a challenging and fun party for you or you can choose your activities from the selection below:-

  • Firecraft – discover and safely practice many of the ancient and modern methods of fire lighting!
  • Fire Construction – ideal for cooking marsh mallows over you can build your own camp fire under the watchful eye of our professional instructors!
  • Fire By Friction – why not have a go at making fire by friction? Learn the ancient art of using the group bow drill and possibly try the individual bow drill under the supervision and with the guidance of Badger Bushcraft Head Instructor Phil Brown "2011 National Bowdrill Competition Winner"! (This activity is ideally suited for older children)
  • Bannock Bread Making – learn how to make and cook your very own bannock bread over the camp fire!
  • Shelter Building – build your own natural shelters with the materials supplied to us by the environment or use modern tarps and ropes to build a den!
  • Spear Throwing – uncover the secrets of the Atlatl. Which is the spear thrower used by our ancient ancestors. Hone your accuracy with some target practice or see who can throw their spear the furthest!
  • Stalking Games – develop your stalking and sneaking skills to reach your goal and avoid being soaked by the water pistol!
  • Knife Skills – learn the basics of knife design and safely using a knife to carve some basic and whittle bushcraft craft and camping items (Please note this activity is suitable for older children and requires a higher ratio of supervision)
  • Wild Foods – discover the seasonal wild food that surrounds us and learn about the foods that our ancestors were so familiar with!

Survival Skills Party

teaching groupsA truly challenging experience for older children! Under the close supervision of the Badger Bushcraft team you will be split into groups and supplied with the basic kit you need to survive in the wilds! Your team will have to use your initiative, communication skills, the environment and some lateral thinking to score points. A limited brief will be supplied for each section of the event and all activities will be judged and scored according to tough and stringent criteria. Are you up to the challenge?

Activities for the "Survival Skills Party" include:-

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Shelter

Creative Crafts Party

Join us in the stunning outdoors to enjoy a special Badger Bushcraft Creative Craft Party! We will supply you with all the materials you need and where applicable you can take all of your art and craft work home with you at the end of the day!

Activities can include:-

  • Tree / Bark Rubbings – create some stunning bark rubbings on coloured card that make a wonderful "artist's canvas" for collages!
  • Natural Collages – discover the beauty of making natural collages with the gifts of Mother Nature on coloured A3 card!
  • Clay Modeling – using air drying clay be inspired by the brilliance and majesty of being outdoors and the miracles of the natural world. Model a woodland animal, bird, tree, etc. or create your very own mythical woodland creature!
  • Nature Trail – let Badger Bushcraft guide you through and reconnect your party with the landscape. Learn about trees, plants and the animals we share either our farm or woodland sites with!
  • Observation Trail – see if you can spot all of the items hidden in our observation trail!
  • Natural Cordage – discover some of the materials and techniques used to make cordage from natural materials and learn skills that would have been exceptionally familiar to our ancient ancestors!
  • Sound Mapping – take time to sit quietly and listen to the many voices of the forest or the fields and learn how to draw a sound map of what is going on in and what lives in our world and discuss your findings with the group. A lovely experience!

Please contact us to discuss how we can design, facilitate and deliver an epic party for your friends, family and loved ones. Due to age and group size please contact us to discuss your requirements and what activities are available for you special bushcraft party!

We can also tailor any of the events not only to suit kids but also for:-

  • Corporate
  • Stag Do's and Hen Do's
  • Team Building
  • Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides.
  • Youth Clubs and Organisations

Please Contact Us for futher details.

* - Please note activities vary dependent on your site, safety, access and suitability.

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"Dear Phil,

We had such a great time on Sunday and cannot thank you enough for such an amazing party. All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I have to say it was very enjoyable for Andy and me too!

They are already excited about next year and Andy will be in touch about a grown up party!

Kind regards,


Bushcraft birthday party for twin boys 28th October 2012


"Thank you Phil we had a great day. All the children and adults really enjoyed it. Don't know how we top it for next year!!! Your hard work provided us with an excellent day and I learn something new each time we attend one of your courses.

Thank you


Edward and Fred's Badger Bushcraft Party - Sunday, 24 July 2011
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"Phil, thank you so much. Great party. All the kids loved it. Really appreciate the fact that you let the kids could do their spear throwing even though we had overrun our time slot. Would highly recommend you. Got some great feedback from the children. "best party ever been to" for example.

Best Wishes,


Bushcraft Party for Harry - Saturday, 1st Septmeber 2012

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"I know from the shining, excited faces that they all had a fantastic day. It is such a treat to see ALL children engaged in an activity and it couldn’t have fitted more perfectly with our topic and I know you have given the children something they will ALWAYS remember."

Chris Drage – Teacher Furley Park Primary School
School Based Bushcraft Day 2008

Corporate And Team Building Events


Let us help develop your teams cohesive working skills with a challenging and fun bushcraft or survival skills day